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Joint - Ventures

Bancor has developed several approaches between foreign and local companies.The mean activity worked is the Telecommunication players, as per:
  • Phones and Fiber Optic cables manufacturers.
  • Energy Transmission cables.
  • Connectors.
  • OPGW cables.
  • Copper Tubes
Because of important demand of such material in all Latin American markets, the solution is being employed for overseas supplying, is to produce in Brazil, because of its great industrial infrastructure and growing market demand.

Nowadays, there are several logistic supports from Brazilian authorities, through some official organisms as per B.N.D.E.S - Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social, which is financing the foreign investor when investing or associating to local producers.

Bancor is developing works on, representing companies from Asian and Europe, coming to Brazilian market.

Some Foreign Suppliers
HYUNDAI Heavy Industries, Co. - Korea
Co-Generation - Generation 1.5 MW ~ 200 MW over - Barge Plants - Power Plants - Using Diesel, Bunker C - Fuel Oil BR.1A
Power Plants using natural gas, bio-gas, from all sources. Enviromental engineering.
Samatron Corporation- Energy - Telecom - Korea
Telecommunication Cables: Optic Fiber Cables Drop Wires – Copper Telecommunication Cables – Copper Plated Steel Wires. Energy Transport Cables: OPGW – Aluminium and Steel wires.
HARBIN Aircraft Corporation - China, P.R.
Gas Turbines-generators and complete Power Plants
ITECO Telecom- Korea
Equipment for Telecommunication - Coaxial Cables - Connectors - Signal Amplifiers - Public & Domestic Phones - Cordless Phones - Handsets - Cellular Phones.
TAL Co.,Ltd. – USA
General Trading: Import & Export - International Financing.
USA Systems - Technical Solutions- USA
Softers and Systems for control and automation
Ningbo Industries - China, P.R.
Coaxial Cables - Telecommunication and Energy Products
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