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Bancor Internacional Trading Company


Bancor Internacional Limitada, is a trading company founded in 1994, promoting the international marketing with Asian Countries, mainly with China, Japan and Korea. I accordance with Telecommunication and Energy markets investments in Brazil, Bancor dedicated all efforts to Chinese market as supplier, developing partnerships with main producers and technologies, as per guarantying to Brazilian consumers and abroad, all required terms for contracts compliance and assured quality by means of international qualifications. I addition to promote all products sales in Latin American countries, including delivering logistics since China Ports, also parotid all development works covering new products and a frequent effort to decrease industrial and commercial costs.




The company is dedicated to International Market, through assured on-time and quality factors, applied to Telecommunication and Energy products. Bancor signed commercial agreement for National and Latin American markets development, covering telecommunication and energy transmission activities.


Technology and Quality are main characteristics of a pool of manufacturers formed by Chinese main companies and the main supplier in Asia, for OPGW and Submarine Optical Cable. Manufacturing is based on vertical production, since packing drums to Aluminum Alloy wire, Aluminum Steel wire, Optic Fiber, accessories, automation and control, as per complete projects for backbone and isolated lines. COPPRAL provides equipment and products from factories licenced with ISO 9001/2000 and other certifications, local and internationally. We developed and certified over 44 firm suppliers in China, to enable us to be the # 1 for Telecommunication and Energy products to Brazil and Latin American countries.